2022-23 Coliseum Schedule
31 October 2022 @ 6:28 PM by Coliseum Admin

Coaches & Managers,


Your schedule for the upcoming season is now online

  • Teams in a division with an even number of teams have a 13-game schedule. Teams in a division with an odd number of teams have a 14-game schedule (but more back-to-backs)

  • All teams will participate in the March 4-5 playoff weekend. The format & schedule will be posted in December

  • Some divisions have games scheduled on Family Day weekend (Feb 18 & 19)


A coach/manager from each team must do the following no later than Thursday, November 3 at 12:00pm:

  • Under ‘Team Profile’ update your team’s shirt colour/style

  • Add players to your roster (‘Player Roster’ à ‘Request New Player Addition’)

  • If you do not know your players’ SEOS #s contact your club administrator


We want to reschedule a game. What do we do?

  • Reach out to your opponent to see if they are willing to reschedule (the website has each team’s contact info)

  • If they don’t agree, the game will stay scheduled as is

  • If they agree, forward us the email. We will let your teams know what dates/times are available (typically this will be Sunday early morning or Family Day wkd)

  • Priority will be given to teams that have not made scheduling requests


Lots of updates to come over the next 4 days. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


The Coliseum Team

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