Coliseum League Playoffs
23 February 2024 @ 11:44 AM by Coliseum Admin


Playoffs have arrived! Everything players, managers and spectators need to know for the final two weekends can be found below. 


Games at RA Centre

Teams must warm up along the east side of dome – behind the nets at the far side of the field, closest to Walmart. Have your pregame chat here. When the game before yours finishes, direct your players to the bench area to drop their bags. You’ll have about two minutes between the end of the game before yours and kickoff.

Once your game finishes, direct your players to grab their bags and go back to where you warmed up to get changed and have your post game chat.


Games at OttawaU Lees

The address of this location is 200 Lees Avenue. Upon pulling into the facility off of Lees, the parking lot will be on your left next to the 417.

Anyone parking at this facility will need a yellow parking pass. They can be picked up at:

  • The RA Centre dome Friday evening between 5-11pm, or Saturday between 7am-4pm, or
  • At the desk immediately to your right upon entering the OttawaU Lees dome. You'll need to grab the pass and run back to the car to put it in your rearview mirror. 

Our OttawaU permits on February 24 run from 4-6pm, and 7-9pm. For teams playing at 4:00pm or 7:00pm – you will not be able to enter the dome until 10-minutes before kickoff. Teams that arrive before that can go into the school’s hallway to get changed, go to the bathroom, and/or start warming up. The door to the school is across from the entrance of the dome. We'll do our best to give teams as much warm up time on the field as possible. Be sure to advise your players and parents accordingly. We appreciate teams' flexibility on this. 

Teams playing at 5pm and 8pm will be able to warm up in the dome. 


Game Length

All playoff games are standard 2 x 25-minute halves. To ensure games on kicking off on time halftimes will be reduced to 2-3 minutes.



A reminder that it's the responsibility of the team manager or coach to come by the desk before kickoff to fill in their gamesheet. Here’s what needs to be done:

  • All players must have their full name and jersey # on the gamesheet,

  • Callups must be written on with a pen

  • Players that are not playing must have their names crossed out

Be mindful that if a player plays but is NOT on the gamesheet they will be deemed ineligible. Changes can be made to the gamesheet up until the start of the second half. 


How do we know if our game goes to a penalty shoot-out?

Check the schedule on the Coliseum website. Games that have the following words will go directly to penalties if the game is tied after 50-minutes:

  • Quarterfinal

  • Semifinal

  • Final 

  • 3rd Place

  • Wooden Spoon Leg #2*

*The Wooden Spoon Leg #1 & Leg #2 is a 'home and away' between two teams. You'll play that opponent both this weekend and next. Leg #1 will not go to penalties. Leg #2 will go to penalties if the cumulative score of the two games is tied. Think Champions League home and away. 

If your team's games do not have any of the above words in their names the game can end as a tie. 


How does the penalty shoot-out work?

  • Penalties are taken from the top of the box

  • Any player on the game sheet can shoot (not just the players on the field, like in outdoor)

  • Each team has three (3) shooters

  • If teams are tied after three shooters, the shootout goes to sudden death (1 for 1)

  • All players listed on the gamesheet must shoot before the first penalty taker shoots a second time


Playoff Call Up Rules

Teams are permitted a maximum of FOUR (4) callups per game

Outfield players can play with a maximum of ONE (1) team per division. Goalies can play with multiple teams.

Outfield players can be called up to a higher-level division. Goalies can be called up to a higher-level division, or across to another team in the same division.


Other Important Rules

  • If jerseys clash, it's the home team's responsibility to change. When looking at the Coliseum schedule, the home team is on top

  • Teams can dress a maximum of eighteen (18) players

  • Players must wear shin pads

  • Only team officials and players listed on the game sheet can be on the bench

  • Slide tackling is not permitted. We've instructed referees to call slides that are performed less than a yard away from an opponent. Be mindful this is a difficult rule to officiate (and doesn't exist outdoors). There will always be a subjective element to the distance between the player sliding and their opponent, and the grey area of 'was that a slide or not'. The best way to avoid being called for it is staying on your feet. Like everything else, direct your players to play on until they hear a whistle

  • Cheering and being disappointed is okay, but any forms of abuse or harassment towards another individual will not be tolerated



A lot of information, so don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need clarification. Looking forward to an eventful final two weekends!




- Your Coliseum Team

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