Roster Freeze February 16
8 February 2024 @ 9:30 AM by Coliseum Admin

This year's roster freeze takes place at February 16 at 12pm. Please take two minutes to read through the following to find out what that means for your team as we inch closer to #playoffseason


What is a roster freeze? 

As of February 16 at 12:01pm players are 'frozen' to the roster they're on, and can no longer be added, removed, or transferred to another team for the remainder of the Coliseum season.

In addition, players playing between February 17 - March 3 must be on a Coliseum Team Roster Report (TRR) in Sports Engine (not a call up roster, tournament team, etc.). Players that are not registered to a Coliseum TRR will be deemed ineligible. 


How do we know if we need to make changes?

Check your TRR. If all of the players that will be playing between Feb 17-Mar 3 are on it, you're all set. If you need to make changes see below. 


How do we make changes?

  1. Contact your club registrar and let them know which players need to be moved. Their request will be sent to the EODSA 
  2. Then, shoot us an email to let us know which players have been moved 
  3. Once the EODSA has approved the changes in Sports Engine we'll make adjust your Coliseum roster(s)


We encourage teams to get the ball rolling on any changes they need to make immediately. Putting through a change requires action by a team manager, their club, the EODSA and the Coliseum. Because of this the process can take multiple days. Do not wait until the 11th hour!!


The information above has been passed on to club officials. If you have questions or need clarification contact your club official or our admin team at 



- Your Coliseum Team

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