March Break Tournament Preview
6 March 2024 @ 12:35 PM by Coliseum Admin

Everything teams need to know for the March 9-10 competition can be found here.



All games will be played at the big white dome at 2451 Riverside Drive in Ottawa, ON. There is parking at the dome. If it's full, you can park across the street by the eastern side of the RA Centre. In the event that both lots are full, there is parking at the Walmart (250-300 meters east of the dome).

The staff desk is to your right upon entry to the facility. Please have a coach or manager come by the desk to say hi and check in before your team's first game. 


Bathrooms, Food & Amenities

There is a porta potty on site (far from luxurious). It's 10-15 meters from the entrance of the dome, next to the garage. Alternatively, there are several bathrooms around the corner at the RA Centre - roughly 200 meters from the entrance of the dome. Upon exiting the facility, look to your right and you will see a blue sign that reads ‘EAST WING’. Walk through those doors, and there will be staff at the desk who can point you in the right direction. The facility is open from 7am-9pm. 

If you or any spectators need snacks or coffee over the course of the weekend, there is a Walmart and a shopping centre a couple hundred meters from the dome – opposite direction from the RA Centre. There are bathrooms there too.

We have ice and a first aid kit on hand (but it never hurts to bring your own!). 



The schedule has been posted. Once there, go to 'Switch League' (top left), 'Multiple', and select the tournament. There are three girls competitions and two boys - so be sure you are looking at the right team. 



The tournament format will depend on which competition your team is in. This information has been communicated to your coaches and managers. 

In the event two or more teams are tied in points after the group stage, the following will be used as a tiebreaker: 

  1. Head-to-head goal differential

  2. Overall goal differential 

  3. Goals scored

  4. Coin toss (have never had to use this, hope we never do!)





The dome has three (3) 7 v 7 fields, all of which will be used. Field #1 is the field nearest the entrance (south), field #2 is the one in the middle, and field #3 is the field furthest from the entrance (north). The schedule will show field you’re playing at for each game.

Teams may warm up along the space behind the nets that are along the east side of the dome (a lot more space). The east side is the far end to your right upon entering the facility. 


Bench & Spectator Area

Spectators are encouraged to come out and show their support! There is no seating at the facility, however they are more than welcome to bring portable chairs. The same goes for teams if you have a portable bench you'd like to bring. 

Teams and spectators must sit on opposite sides of the field. The idea is to have team benches adjacent to team benches.neighboring fields.

  • Field #1: South = Spectators, North = Bench Areas

  • Field #2: South = Bench Area, North = Spectators

  • Field #3: South = Spectators, North = Bench Areas

Staff will help point folks in the right direction.



There will be just five (5) minutes in between matches. After finishing your game, please direct your players to grab their gear and move it away from the bench area. The next two teams will drop their gear at their bench area and should be ready to kickoff a couple of minutes later. If the coach wants to do a postgame chat or cool down, he/she may do so behind the nets where they warmed up. 



Game sheets

The Coliseum will be providing game sheets for each match. They'll be on the front desk if you need to make changes to it before kickoff. The referee will have in on them during the game.

Here's what we need from the team manager:

  • Jersey numbers. If your team plays in the Coliseum league and players + jersey numbers are the same let us know and we'll take care of it. If not, you will either email them to us by Friday at, or come by the desk before each of your team's games to fill them in. 
  • If there are players listed on the game sheet that aren’t playing, the team manager must cross their name off.  
  • Please make sure you know what time and field # your team is playing at (particularly those teams with back to backs!).



Players must be registered in the Ontario Soccer / Soccer Quebec database and satisfy the age requirements. The same goes for coaches and managers. If they are not on the TRR they must sit with the spectators. Teams must bring a copy of their TRR with them. Please note that rosters cannot be changed after Friday. Players added to the roster on Saturday or Sunday will be deemed INELIGIBLE. 


Tournament Rules

Below is an overview of our Tournament and 7-a-side rules. If you want to get into the knitty gritty check out our March Break Tournament Rules or 7-A-Side Rules. Here's a brief overview: 


  • Players may use indoor shoes or cleats, provided the cleats do not have metal studs. Be advised that the turf is on it's last legs. Good news: it's being replaced May 2024. The new turf will be what is used at new Julian de Guzman Park

  • If teams have a similar jersey colour, it is the responsibility of the home team to change. If your team does not have an alternate jersey be sure to bring pinnies. We will have some but cannot guarantee they were previously worn that day.. 


  • All fouls/hand balls outside the box are indirect

  • Yellow cards result in the player being sent off, and the team to play short for two (2) minutes (regardless of if their opponent scores)

  • Red cards result in the player being dismissed from the game, and the team playing short for five (5) minutes (regardless of if their opponent scores)

  • Red card reports will be sent to our remote discipline panel immediately after the conclusion of the game for review and to determine next steps. A decision will be communicated before the team’s next game


  • Group games can finish as a tie

  • Playoff games that are tied after regulation will go directly to penalties.

  • Penalties are taken from the top of the box

  • Each team will have three (3) shooters. The players do not need to be on the field when the game ends – any player can shoot. If it is tied after three shooters, penalties continue in sudden death style (1 for 1). All players must shoot before the first penalty taker can shoot a second time.

7-a-side Rules

  • Seven players on the field at a time (including goalkeeper)

  • Ball size five (5)

  • No slide tackling. A slide tackle is considered a slide where an opponent is a yard or less away from a player

  • No offsides

  • Balls that go out along the sides are kick ins (not throw ins) 

  • Kickins, and freekicks outside the box are indirect

  • Corner kicks are direct, as are kickoffs and goal kicks

  • Distance on all restarts is five (5) yards

  • Outfield players can sub on the fly. If a team wants to change their goalkeeper they must notify the match official 


Participant & Spectator Behaviour

The Coliseum will not tolerate foul and abusive language. While at the venue, any coach, parent, team official, player or spectator threatening violence or verbal abuse to any individual will be ejected from the facility, and the entire team may be ejected from the tournament. This type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If there is an issue, do not engage. Bring it to the attention of Coliseum staff.


Social Media

Be sure to check out our Instagram page @coliseumsoccerottawa

We post in game highlights and pictures over the course of the weekend, and full game highlights for some playoff games (see reels on Instagram for reference). If your team does not want to be photographed or filmed, let us know. 


If there are items we missed, or you need clarification don’t hesitate to follow up at 


See you soon!

- Your Coliseum Team

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