2024 Coliseum March Break Classic


The second annual 2024 Coliseum Christmas Classic is an interprovincial, small-sided indoor tournament for boys and girls youth teams age categories U13-U18.

The Tournament is proudly hosted by The Coliseum Inc. The Coliseum is the longest-running inflatable sports dome facility and sanctioned small-sided indoor youth soccer league serving the national capital region since the late 1990’s.








Table of Contents

Section 1: Jurisdiction

Section 2: Classifications & Dates

Section 3: Registration

Section 4: Rosters

Section 5: Playing Up

Section 6: Game Sheets

Section 7: Number of Players & Substitutions

Section 8: Duration of Games

Section 9: Scheduling

Section 10: The Competition

Section 11: Participant & Spectator Position

Section 12: Participant & Spectator Conduct

Section 13: Equipment

Section 14: Protests

Section 15: Discipline

Section 16: Referees

Section 17: Communications

Section 18: Privacy Policy

Section 19: Other Matters




Section 1: Jurisdiction

  1. Club Eligibility

  1. Any club that has permission to operate youth soccer and is a member of their Provincial member association may participate in this tournament

  1. Policies and Procedures

  1. This tournament will be run in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Coliseum, the Eastern Ontario District Soccer Association (EODSA), Ontario Soccer (OS), and FIFA

  1. Laws of the Game

  1. Matches are played in conformity with the current FIFA Laws of the Game. Where there is overlap or non-decisiveness, the FIFA 2023/24 Laws of the Game, OS, EODSA and Coliseum published rules shall be in effect, except for changes hereinafter provided


Section 2: Classifications & Dates

  1. The competition will offer:

  1. A tier 1 division for U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 & U18

  2. A tier 2 division for U13, U14, U15 & U16

  1. A division will consist of:

  1. A minimum of FOUR (4) teams (where fewer than four teams, divisions will be merged)

  2. A maximum of twelve (12) teams

  1. Dates

  1. All Girls, and Boys U13 & U14: March 9-10, 2024

  2. Boys U15-18: March 16-17, 2024

  1. Application Deadline

  1. Girls & Boys U13-14: February 26, 2024

  2. Boys U15-18: March 4, 2024

Section 3: Registration

  1. Teams

  1. Ontario teams must be registered in OSCAR for the 2023-24 indoor season. Team registration seasons need to match the tournament season. Non-Ontario teams must be registered in their province’s database for the 2023-24 indoor season.

  2. Must provide a tournament official their official team roster(s) that shows the names and birthdates of all players who are members of that team

  3. All teams are required to keep these documents available should they be required during the competition

  4. All out-of-district teams (non-EODSA) must produce a ‘travel permit’ from their home soccer district which authorizes them to compete

  5. The Coliseum organizers reserve the right to accept or to refuse the entry application of any team for participation in the tournament

  1. Players

  1. Players must be able to provide picture identification if requested by the tournament host. Picture identification can refer to any of the following: a) a valid player card/passport (physical or digital), b) government issued photo ID or c) a picture on the team’s Sports Engine Roster. 

  2. Be registered and approved by their district governing body 

  3. Unregistered players or teams will not be permitted to participate. Any player or team official who is deemed ineligible will cause their team to forfeit that game by a 3-0 default score and the team will be disqualified from the tournament

  4. Boys’ teams will be permitted use of female players but all of the players on girls teams must be female

  5. A player can register to a maximum of ONE (1) team per age group

  1. Insurance

  1. Teams must carry and supply proof of injury and liability insurance while participating in this event. This is usually covered by your provincial registration, league and/or jurisdictional body

  2. Participating teams shall hold the Coliseum, its officers, tournament organizers, sponsors, supervisor, and participants harmless from all claims for liability accruing in relation to staging and organizing of the relevant matches and/or tournament, on or off the venues, including transportation to and from the activities.


Section 4: Rosters

  1. Minimum

  1. Teams must have a minimum of SEVEN (7) players registered

  1. Maximum

  1. A team cannot have more than EIGHTEEN (18) players registered

  1. Final Rosters

  1. Clubs must email their official rosters to the host no later than 48 hours before their team’s first game. Players cannot be added to the roster less than 24 hours before their team’s first game, or during the competition. Players added on the day of the competition will be deemed ineligible. 


Section 5: Playing Up

  1. Call ups are NOT permitted

  2. Temporary Eligibility Permits (TEPs) are NOT permitted


Section 6: Game Sheets

  1. The Coliseum will provide team officials with game sheets on game day. They will be available at the front desk up until kickoff. The referee will have it on them during the game. 

  2. Corresponding uniform numbers may be added to the game sheet by hand if they were omitted when the game sheet was generated

  3. The names of players and team officials who are not present at the game must be crossed out on the game sheet. 


Section 7: Number of Players & Substitutions

  1. Number of Players

  1. Teams must always have a minimum of five (5) players on the field. Teams that field fewer than this at any point in the game will forfeit

  2. Teams can dress a maximum of eighteen (18) players on game day

  1. Substitutions

  1. Unlimited substitutions may be made throughout the game. All outfield players can substitute ‘on the fly’ and do not need the referee’s approval

  2. The goalie may substitute only at the discretion of the referee


Section 8: Duration of Games

  1. Team are guaranteed 120 minutes of group play

  2. The referee is the official timekeeper for the game

  3. All playoff games are forty (40) minutes. 2 x 20-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime

  4. If tied at the end of regulation, the game goes straight to penalties


Section 9: Scheduling

  1. Group play

  1. All teams are guaranteed a minimum of three (3) games in group play

  2. The schedule will be posted online and distributed to teams at least one week prior to the start of the tournament

  1. Playoffs

  1. The highest seeded team will play the lowest seeded team, 2nd highest v 2nd lowest, etc.

  2. If necessary, the highest seeded team(s) will receive byes


Section 10: The Competition

  1. Qualifying round

  1. Each bracket will have a group play segment where teams will compete in segmented pools in a round robin format, guaranteeing that every team will play at least three (3) matches

  2. Depending on the number of pools/teams, the top team(s) from each group advance to the knockout stage. The number of teams advancing from each group depends on the number of, and alignment of, individual groups and brackets

  3. A team will be awarded 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw

  4. If two or more teams are tied on points at the end of the group stage, the tie will be broken by the following process:

  1. Cumulative head-to-head score

  2. Goal differential

  3. Most goals for

  4. Coin toss

  1. Knockout Stage

  1. The knockout stage is a single elimination play down in which teams play each other in one-off matches

  2. All playoff matches will go directly to penalty shootouts used to decide the winner if necessary. For penalty shootouts, each team has THREE (3) shots which must be taken by different players. If it is still tied, it goes to sudden death (1 for 1). Players do not need to be on the field when the game ends to shoot – any players on the game sheet can show. All players are required to shoot before a player can shoot again


Section 11: Participant & Spectator Position

  1. Teams

  1. Must check in at the venue a minimum of twenty (20) minutes before kickoff

  2. Must stay on the designated ‘team’ side of the field, at least three (3) yards away from the centre line

  3. Players and coaches shall restrict their movements to within four (4) yards from this starting point going towards the nearest goal line.

  4. Shall remain as far back from the touch line as possible. The referee will implement this for the safety of the players and coaches

  1. Spectators

  1. All spectators will take up position on the opposite side of the playing surface across from their respective team's first-half bench.

  2. Shall remain as far back from the touch line as possible. The referee can and will implement this for the safety of spectators


Section 12: Participant & Spectator Conduct

  1. The tournament will not tolerate foul and abusive language

  2. While at the venues and facilities, any coach, parent, team official, player or spectator threatening violence or verbal abuse to any individual will immediately be ejected from the tournament and the entire team may be ejected from the tournament. This type of behavior is not acceptable at this event and will not be tolerated

  3. Teams and affiliated persons that are disrespectful and/or damage property will be ejected from the tournament and will not be accepted for future participation. Additionally, those teams will be responsible for all expenses

  4. The Coach of each team will be held responsible for the behavior of all spectators or supporters in their team’s party

  5. Manager/coach of both teams will ensure their respective sideline areas are clean and that all trash is in containers

  6. There is no smoking at the facility

  7. No alcoholic beverages, other intoxicants and artificial noise-making devices or amplifying devices are permitted at game venues

  8. All public passageways, doors and emergency exit routers must be kept free of any obstructions, which could impede the flow of traffic

  9. The Coliseum reserves the right to eject ANY person (player, coach, team official, parent or spectator) exhibiting inappropriate behavior from the immediate playing areas

  10. The decisions of the Tournament Committee regarding the conduct of the tournament, its participants and spectators shall be final.


Section 13: Equipment

  1. Jerseys

  1. All players on the same team (except the goalkeeper) shall wear matching shirts

  2. Where, in the opinion of the Match Official, a similarity of the uniform colours could be confusing, the home team shall change. It is the responsibility of the coach of the team that is required to change to have alternate shirts available

  3. The goalkeeper shall wear a shirt of a different colour from those of his/her team and the opposition

  1. Shin pads

  1. Must be completely covered by the socks

  2. Are to be made of rubber, plastic, or a similar suitable material

  1. Footwear

  1. Shoes with metal studs are not permitted. Any other indoor shoes are acceptable

  1. Ball

  1. The home team shall provide two (2) size-5 game balls

  1. Jewellery

  1. Jewellery is not permitted and cannot be taped. Medic Alert bracelets and necklaces are the exception if they are fastened securely so as not to bring danger to any other player. It is the team’s responsibility to advise the match official if any player(s) are wearing these

  1. Hair apparel

  1. Must be of soft fabric, no plastic or metal items are to be worn

  2. Sports hijabs / headscarves are permitted


*If in the opinion of the referee, any of the above-mentioned criteria is not met, the player may be requested to leave the field of play to rectify the situation before returning to the field of play*


Section 14: Protests

  1. Player Eligibility

  1. Protests regarding the eligibility of a player must be brought to the attention of the match official and noted on the game sheet before kickoff or brought to the attention of Coliseum staff during the game. Staff will investigate the protest after the game

  2. Protests arising after the game will not be entertained

  3. The Coliseum’s decision may not be overturned

  1. Other

  1. Protests pertaining to a referee's decision will not be entertained. Protests pertaining to the turf, goal posts, crossbars, ball, colours, etc. will not be entertained. These issues must be brought to the attention of the match official and Coliseum staff


Section 15: Discipline

  1. Yellow cards

  1. Player is sent off for TWO (2) minutes. Their team must play short during this time, regardless of if their opponent scores

  2. The referee will advise the team when the two minutes are up, and the player is permitted to re-enter the game

  3. Yellow Cards issued in an abandoned or not complete game shall stand

  4. Yellow card accumulation: A third caution will result in an automatic one (1) game suspension

  1. Red cards

  1. Player is dismissed for the remainder of the game and must leave the bench area

  2. The player’s team will play shorthanded for five (5) minutes, regardless of if their opponent scores

  3. Red Cards issued in an abandoned or not complete game shall stand

  4. Players, coaches or team officials dismissed or ejected during/from any tournament game shall be suspended for at least one additional game. Additional penalties may be imposed, as deemed fit and necessary by the Coliseum. The EODSA will be notified of any discipline that has not been fully served during the Tournament, for their further actions according to the OS’s discipline rules and regulations.

  1. Suspensions

  1. Coaches will be advised of the length of a player’s suspension no more than 30 minutes of the completion of the game

  2. The individual must serve the suspension for their team’s next game(s)

  3. Match official assault results in an immediate ban from the tournament. The case will be escalated to the appropriate governing body


Section 16: Referees

  1. The tournament shall use only referees registered with Ontario Soccer

  2. The tournament shall use a one referee system

  3. The referee’s decision is final

  4. The Referee will record goals scored and scorers, and indicate all cautions and dismissals on the game sheet

  5. The Referee will also describe and explain all Cautions and Dismissals on the appropriate OS Caution and Dismissal Forms

  6. The Referee will verify the correctness of the Game Sheet and Final Score by signing the Game Sheets at the end of the match

  7. The Referee will also fill in and submit Special Incident Reports (SIRs) as required

  8. For discipline, the referee's authority commences once he or she is in the vicinity of the playing surface and continues until he or she has left the vicinity of the surface. This time span includes the teams' warm-up and warm-down periods and the souvenir exchange/handshaking and the vicinity-exiting period


Section 17: Communications

  1. The league shall use email to communicate with team managers

  2. It is the club and team managers' responsibility to ensure they and their teams have entered valid email addresses in the application form



Section 18: Privacy Policy

  1. Photos

  1. By participating in the tournament, you are giving permission the Coliseum to use photos we take on our website (coliseum.ca) and social media pages. We also recognize that there may be situations where you do not want a photo of your child published. In the event a game photo is requested to be removed by a parent or legal guardian, all photos of the requested game(s) will be removed from the site

  1. Player Names

  1. By default, all players’ names will be kept confidential. In some cases (golden boot, shutout leader, etc.), we may ask to post a player’s name to our website and or social media channels. This will only be posted with written consent from the individual/parent or guardian. 


Section 19: Other Matters

  1. All matters not included in these published rules shall be dealt with in accordance with the OS published rules 


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