Player Registration & ID Process
28 September 2023 @ 11:46 AM by Coliseum Admin

A quick process clarification for this upcoming 2023-24 winter season.


Player Registration

All Ontario clubs must register their players in Sports Engine. Club admins - a reminder that players must be registered in the YI-Travel Division and their team name must comply with the team naming convention - as in the admin manual on the EODSA website (can be found under "Administration"--> "Resources"). Quebec clubs must register their players with Soccer Outaouais.

Once they have been registered, team managers can begin adding their players to their Coliseum roster. The step-by-step process on how to do this will be posted in the coming weeks. 


Sports Engine Team Roster Report (TRR)

Managers are not required to bring a hard copy of their TRR to their game each weekend. We will have a copy of each team's on hand at the dome. 



Player IDs are required to be present at each game. While card checks will not be done at every game, they must be available upon request.

As many of you are aware with the summer season that has just wrapped up, players' pictures can now be digitally added by a club administrator to each team's TRR. The process is efficient, free, and best of all no physical cards for players to lose. If you're not sure about the status of your players' pictures on the TRR, contact your club administrator.



Your Coliseum Team 


2023-24 Coliseum Soccer Season Registration Now Open
8 August 2023 @ 1:21 PM by Coliseum Admin

Hi everyone, 


Join us for the Winter 2023-24 season. Below are the list of our winter youth leagues, offered on Saturday and Sundays from November to March. The winter leagues will consist of 14 regular season games and playoffs. Games will be 50 minutes in duration. There will be playoffs in each division.

If you intend to join our winter leagues, please register a profile at and complete the relevant registration information. The deadline for registration and payment (300.00 Deposit or Full Team Payment) is due by October 15th, 2023.

The winter league fee for the 2023-24 league is $2600.00+tax (2938.00)

Payments can be made by credit/debit card online or cheque. E-transfers can be sent to If you will be paying by cheque, please drop us an email at to make the appropriate arrangements.

The winter leagues will have the following schedule. Where possible, we will tier divisions. Please indicate your level (Tier 1 or Tier 2) when submitting teams. Games will begin at 8am on both days. There may be an occasional 7am game. Once we have a good idea of numbers, we will pass on the precise times.

U13 Girls - Mornings
U14 Boys - Mornings
U14 Girls - Mornings
U15 Girls - Mornings
U16 Boys - Mornings & Afternoons
U16 Girls -  Afternoons
U17 Boys - Afternoons & Evenings
U17 Girls - Afternoons
U18 Boys - Afternoons & Evenings
U18 Girls - Afternoons & Evenings

U13 Boys - Mornings & Early Afternoons
U15 Boys - Mornings & Early Afternoons

TOURNAMENTS: After the success of last year's March Break Tournament, we will be offering two competitions this season.

Christmas Classic: December 29th, 30th & 31st Boys & Girls

March Break Tournament: March 9th/10th Girls & March 16th/17th Boys

If there are not a sufficient number of teams in a division, we will merge them as U17/U18G and U17/U18B, for example.

Games will begin at 8am on both days. There may be an occasional 7am game. Once we have a good idea of numbers, we will pass on the precise times.

Drop us an email if you have any questions regarding the upcoming season.

- Your Coliseum Team


2023 March Break Classic Soccer Tournament
2 January 2023 @ 5:41 PM by Coliseum Admin


Join us for our 2023 March Break Classic Soccer Tournament!

The tournament will take place over two weekends - one for girls, and another for boys. We will have divisions for each age group, from U13 through U18. The tournament will be held at the Coliseum Dome located at the RA Centre (2451 Riverside Dr.) in Ottawa, Ontario.


Girls Tournament

  • March 11 & 12, 2023
  • To reserve your spot, please proceed through the registration and you will be prompted to select the age groupings
  • The deadline to register is February 17, 2023


Boys Tournament

  • March 17-19, 2023 (only local teams will be scheduled play on the 17th)
  • To reserve your spot, please proceed through the registration and you will be prompted to select the age groupings
  • The deadline to register is February 24, 2023


Additional info:

  • Cost per team is $450+hst (not $500, as indicated on the OS website)
  • The tournament is open to all sanctioned clubs in Canada
  • Teams are guaranteed 4 x 25-minute games. Those who qualify for the knockout stage will receive additional games
  • Format for each individual age group will be determined by the number of teams registered. All teams will receive a minimum of 4 games regardless of the divisional format
  • Prizes for champions
  • Two divisions will be run for each Tier.  Tier 1 = Regional.  Tier 2 = District Competitive
  • If registration numbers are not adequate for Tier 1 & Tier 2 or a standalone division, teams/divisions may be merged to ensure the age group can take place (i.e., Tier 1 merges with Tier 2, U17 merges with U18)
  • All players must be registered via the OSCAR system or their provincial registration system. Please contact your club if you have any questions about OSCAR. If your club is out of province, please drop us an email for further instruction
  • Players registered via OSCAR must match the roster/game sheet information at the Coliseum


Have questions or want more information? Drop us a line at


See you there!

The Coliseum Team

Severe Weather Policy
15 December 2022 @ 2:10 PM by Coliseum Admin


It’s time to dust off your snow brush and shovel!

In the event we need to cancel games this season due to severe weather, coaches and managers will be notified via email the evening before. This information will also be posted on our website and Instagram page @coliseumsoccerottawa



The Coliseum Team

Kitmas & Canned Food Drive
9 December 2022 @ 1:02 PM by Coliseum Admin



Our friends at Soccer Snobs are back at it again! The Snobs, a local soccer podcast, are spearheading an initiative called Kitmas to collect new or in good condition soccer jerseys (pro and amateur), balls, training equipment etc. for local children in need. Originating in the UK, it's a program designed to get soccer/sports gear into the hands of underprivileged youth in our community. We're excited to be a part of this cause and will have a collection bin set up at the RA Centre Dome both December 10 & 11, and 18 & 19 weekends to receive donations. If you'd like to learn more about the fundraiser or contribute financially, please visit this link or drop us an email.


Canned Food Drive

The Coliseum is running a can drive and will be accepting non-perishable food items at the RA Centre Dome for local food banks. Items will be accepted both this weekend (Dec 10 & 11) and next (Dec 18 & 19).



**If you have a donation of equipment or cans that is too large or you don't have the means to drop it off, just send us an email and we can arrange for a pickup**

Coliseum Social Media
30 November 2022 @ 8:00 PM by Coliseum Admin


Can't make it to your team's next game? Want to see highlights of your family or friends?

Follow us on Instagram @coliseumsoccerottawa for gameday highlights, updates from the league and more!

2022-23 Coliseum Schedule
31 October 2022 @ 6:28 PM by Coliseum Admin

Coaches & Managers,


Your schedule for the upcoming season is now online

  • Teams in a division with an even number of teams have a 13-game schedule. Teams in a division with an odd number of teams have a 14-game schedule (but more back-to-backs)

  • All teams will participate in the March 4-5 playoff weekend. The format & schedule will be posted in December

  • Some divisions have games scheduled on Family Day weekend (Feb 18 & 19)


A coach/manager from each team must do the following no later than Thursday, November 3 at 12:00pm:

  • Under ‘Team Profile’ update your team’s shirt colour/style

  • Add players to your roster (‘Player Roster’ à ‘Request New Player Addition’)

  • If you do not know your players’ SEOS #s contact your club administrator


We want to reschedule a game. What do we do?

  • Reach out to your opponent to see if they are willing to reschedule (the website has each team’s contact info)

  • If they don’t agree, the game will stay scheduled as is

  • If they agree, forward us the email. We will let your teams know what dates/times are available (typically this will be Sunday early morning or Family Day wkd)

  • Priority will be given to teams that have not made scheduling requests


Lots of updates to come over the next 4 days. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


The Coliseum Team

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